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a note from Kate

"I'm a firm believer in putting gifts out as early as possible. Part of that is because pretty gift wrap is a decoration in and of itself. And although I love those traditional holiday decorations that you bring out year after year, I also like to keep things fresh from year to year. 

One of my favorite ways to do that is with paper. It's recyclable, it's renewable, and if you know where to look (which you obviously do), can be so so pretty. This holiday collection, which is inspired by the Pacific Northwest (but of the 60s), will make your room feel fun, fresh, but still warm and homey. Everything is 100% recyclable and this year, I've reached my goal of plastic-free packaging (except the shipping label). So get your goodies and pat yourself on your back for making things pretty and also being nice to our world."

Party Krill is based on Kate Reed's illustrations, inspired by her life, both imagined and real. To learn more about her story, see the ABOUT page.

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