Hi! I'm Kate and I founded Party Krill for those of us who are equal parts adventurer and homebody, who want life to be beautiful but not perfect, and who like pretty things. Thanks for being here.

Party Krill is an illustration and surface design brand that brings playful and pretty quality items to accompany you on your wild adventures. All work is based on Kate Reed's illustrations, inspired by the fringes of her imagination and the occasional google search for images of "hippos sitting like dogs."


Party Krill was started with the classic story of someone looking for the perfect card and not being able to find one. That person was Kate and she wanted something a little pretty, a little funny, and little rough around the edges. Oh, yeah, and recyclable. So she started making cards and party invitations for her friends. At the time, she was working as a development director at a non-profit, a fulfilling and challenging job.


But when she had her second child, she thought about her dreams for her kids. Which lead her to consider her own dreams. She asked that big, scary, can't-turn-back-from question: "Is this what I dreamed for my life?" She wanted her kids to grow up knowing that having kids did not mean abandoning your dreams, and she figured the best way to pass on that knowledge was to live it herself. 


Over the next few years, she started drawing and painting every night when the kids went to bed, taught herself Illustrator and Photoshop, and eventually quit her job to found Party Krill. She's a bit in over her head, but she likes it that way. 

Party Krill is available for art licensing and various illustration services.