A Little More Hygge

I usually look forward to winter because it drives us all to be close to each other. Normally I fill the holiday season as close to the brim as possible with gatherings: small, big, mediumish. This year is going to be different. So, I'm getting proactive. I'm figuring out a plan! I'm brainstorming ideas! I'm putting myself to the test! I'm...okay, actually I'm actually just taking it day by day and doing small joyful things every day. Like taking the fairy lights out early. Like having tea time with the kids. Like letting the kids pour that tea all over the table and play with it instead of harping at them to keep it in the cup. And like painting.

Like a lot of you I see out on the internet, I'm also letting the holiday decorations creep in before the traditional day after Thanksgiving. I mean, the snow is here, so why not?

If you need a little reminder of how to keep things cozy this winter, I made you a little art print. It centers around the Danish and Norweigian word to describe something like coziness and comfort. Use it as a reminder of ways to brighten your life this winter, and know that somewhere I'll probably be sitting by a fire, making a little star decoration, or drinking some coffee, thinking of ways to keep my kids busy and dreaming of when we can all hang out again.

More Hygge Chart
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