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Updated: Nov 29, 2020

You know what I recommend doing during a pandemic/much needed political movement? Moving. Seriously. It's so stressful that you forget the world is falling apart and rebuilding. We're officially in our new home and a friend dropped off a sweet little fall-themed framed print as a house-warming gift. I've never thought of switching prints out seasonally, but I do love the idea of buying art that doesn't seem too precious--that you won't feel bad about switching out. It really frees you up to just like what you like now. And what better way to embrace that than seasonal prints?

Here's one I made for you. For some of us, we're dreading the lack of socializing and sunshine that fall's coming represents. And some of us love fall so desperately that nothing can dampen their pumpkin-scented joy. Good for you people. Either way, it's coming, so you might as well put up a pretty print and lean the fork in.

Go ahead and download the compressed file right down here! For personal use only, obv:)

Download ZIP • 1.16MB

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